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What is this? started out as a free email service and was founded by Patrick Wells in April of 2001. In the early days, there was also a BMW email service called, but the interest was never there and bimmermail went away.  If you would like to see all of the changes that this website has made, please visit the wayback machine.

About a year after the service started, Patrick transferred the site and all of the ownership to Scott Napier.  Scott tried to keep the site free, but it was just not in the cards, so it was converted to a low price email service for those who chose to stay. 

Our service costs $20.00 per year, and for that price you are given up to 5 email accounts, plus photo hosting.  Due to the small nature of our service, the amount of spam you see isgreatly reduced, and is some cases eliminated entirely!

Of course, your web surfing habits can dictate the amount of spam you receive, so if you are sharing your email address with every website under the sun, there is not much we can do to filter it for you! is in not affiliated with or endorsed by VW of America or VW AG.
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